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Старый 10.07.2020, 05:10   #1
Аватар для EKGIFT
Регистрация: 12.04.2019
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Welcome to our store selling electronic gift cards (E-Gift cards) at a price of 50% of the face value, this is the perfect gift for any occasion. The original way to congratulate a dear person on a holiday, convey warm words and wishes. Thanks to the Electronic Gift Certificate, you can choose and buy yourself any product. Your dreams come true instantly.

Partial use is not possible: if the order amount is less than the nominal value of the certificate, the balance will not be returned and not refunded.

We guarantee the provision of services at the highest level, availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will enjoy your purchase and we are sure that you will come back to us again.

Products are updated daily! Sometimes even several times.

Upon receipt of defective goods, we will make a replacement or refund!

More than 500 successful transactions have been carried out within this site!

And also, for all our gift cards (E-Gift cards), we provide a guarantee of 1 year, which means that if something happens with the goods during this period of time, we will refund your money in full.

Thank you for your trust!

10% discount coupon - " GiftCard10 "

You can purchase gift cards (E-Gift cards) on the Telegram Bot:

24/7 Telegram_Bot Store: @GiftCardSale_Bot

Also subscribe to our Telegram channel, for all buyers there are constant additional discounts, gift card distributions!

Telegram Channel: @GiftCard_Sale

We have technical support that promptly answers all your questions.

Telegram: @GiftCard_Support

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